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Vitalijus Kosenko_jb

Vitalijus Kosenko

12:00|Session 10 (Stage 2)

Presentations of Baltic Companies

Since 2007 Vitalijus Kosenko is the Sales & Marketing Director of Standa Ltd., an opto-mechanical equipment and laser manufacturing company. Standa products are exported to more than 60 countries and represented by more than 25 companies worldwide.

Vitalijus Kosenko regularly participates in various conferences and exhibitions worldwide representing Standa production: manual and motorized translation and rotation stages, controllers, optical tables, optical mounts and holders, optics, light measurement instruments, laser safety glasses, DPSS lasers, etc.

Constant communication with clients allows Standa to always be up-to-date with regard to client needs and understanding the market.

Vitalijus obtained his Master degree in Biophysics from Vilnius University in 2000, and his MBA from ISM University of Management and Economics in 2009.