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Tea Danilova_jb

Tea Danilov


Highlights in the Baltics: an Overview by Industry and Government Representatives

Since 2007, Tea is the Director of Economic Development Department, coordinating a wide set of innovation and enterprise policy matters. Her responsibilities include SME policy, foreign investment promotion and internationalisation of Estonian companies, R&D and innovation policy and economic analysis, to name a few.

Tea has worked in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia more than 10 years, on various posts related to elaboration and execution of Estonian economic policies. Temporarily, in 2002, she acted as a visting researcher in the Bank of Estonia, studying the issue of business cycles‘ synchronisation between Estonia and EU. For this research, she was awarded 1st prize of contest of students‘ researches by Estonian Academy of Sciences.
In 2005-2006, she was the Head of Technology and Innovation Division in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, having the responsibility to design and supervise the implementation of companies‘-oriented innovation policy in Estonia.
Tea graduated University of Tartu in 2002, holding magister artium  (MA) degree in Economic. She has two daughters, 8 and 3 years old.