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Rimantas Zylius_jb1

Rimantas Žylius


Highlights in the Baltics: an Overview by Industry and Government Representatives

Since March 2011, Rimantas Žylius serves as the Minister of Economy in the Lithuanian Government.

Previously Mr. Žylius was  Viceminister of Economy in the centre-right cabinet led by Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, who assumed office in December 2008. 
Rimantas Žylius has been recognised as the mastermind behind the Lithuanian Government's economical doctrine, focusing  on increasing the efficiency of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). One year of the SOEs reform has led the Government to achieving significant results. While in 2010 the SOEs contributed EUR 14 million in the form of dividends to the State budget, the dividend contribution in 2012 is planned to amount to EUR 156 million or 1.5% of the total budget.

Prior to his career in the Government,  Rimantas Žylius worked as a solution architect at Hewlett-Packard.

He is also the founder of the Association Knowledge Economy Forum, Council Member, and the initiator and co-author of the Position Paper on E-Government.