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Erik Lund

Erik Lund, PhD

15:00|Session 10 (Stage 1)

What are International Companies Looking For

Erik Lund is MSD's (known as Merck & Co., Inc. in the US and Canada) Regional Licensing Lead in the Nordic Countries, Baltic States, Eastern EU, Austria, Greece and Turkey.

Dr. Erik Lund works with life science companies and academic institutions in this region to forge licensing or collaborative partnerships with MSD. He also holds alliance management responsibility for existing preclinical partnerships in the region. During his career within MSD Licensing (since 2007), Dr. Lund has been the scientific lead for executed partnerships ranging from basic research collaborations to licensing of Phase III compounds.

In his prior scientific career with MSD and Academia, Dr.Lund authored >35 original research publications in peer reviewed scientific journals with a particular focus on the investigation of the formation of and biological significance of oxysterols. Dr. Lund is a graduate of Royal Institute of Technology and of Karolinska Institute, both of Stockholm, Sweden, and did postdoctoral research at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, USA before joining Merck & Co. (MSD) in Rahway, USA in 2000. In 2011 Dr. Lund assumed his present position and returned to Stockholm where he is now based.