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Dr. Kobi Inbar

12:00|Session 7 (Stage 1)

Venture Capital and Inventions

Dr. Kobi Inbar is the Academic Director of the MBA Bio-Medical Management Program at The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS), School of Business.

The program prepares and trains high quality management cadres for the bio-technology and the bio-medical industry.

Since 2006 he is also an independent consultant to start-up companies and investors in the life sciences and bio-medical industry, including medical devices, diagnostics, drug development, clean-tech and others, working with companies like Image In Ltd., BioPad Ltd., Genaphora Ltd., BioActivity Ltd., BioSight Ltd., 3MZ, 3Y Plus Ltd., TrendLines International, KerenOr Capital, L.P., Waterwealth Inc., and others.

Dr. Inbar is specialized in General and Project Management, Business Development - Fund Raising and Strategic Partnerships, Product Development, R&D and Scientific Consulting, Due Diligence and Project Evaluation.

Dr. Kobi Inbar is also Co-Founder and CEO of Genaphora, a molecular diagnostics company developping a proprietary technology for advanced qPCR-based diagnostics kits, dramatically improving assay efficiency and accuracy, by lowering diagnostic cycles from days to hours, with the highest sensitivity and cost-effectiveness.

Previoulsy he was Executive Vice President for Marketing and Investor Relations in Protein and Production Services Ltd., an Israeli biopharmaceutical company located at the heart of the Israeli largest biotech cluster and providing services in the fields of protein based therapeutic products (2010-2011); Mentor ar IDC, Herzliya, where he supervised and worked with students at the Zell Entrepreneurship Program and other entrepreneurial programs (2007-2009); CEO of TK Signal, an R&D Company developing novel radiopharmaceuticals for targeted molecular imaging and cancer therapy; Vice President for Operations at Peptor (Develogen Israel) Ltd., an R&D Company developing peptide-based drugs for autoimmune diseases and cancer having several compounds in different development stages ranging from Research to late Clinical Development (2002-2004); and Vice President for R&D at Glycodata (Procognia) Ltd., an R&D Company developing a novel and integrated protein chip technology deploying advanced glycobiology, glycolchemistry, algorithms and computation and bioinformatics techniques for fingerprinting and structural analysis of therapeutic Glycoproteins (2000-2002).