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  • 2012 08 10

    LSB2012 Participants Can Take Part for Free in The Annual Baltic Dynamics Conference and Vice-Versa

    For one whole week this September Lithuania will become the capital of Life science. Besides the LSB 2012 events starting already on the 11th, the XVII annual international conference Baltic Dynamics will also be taking place in Vilnius on September 13-15th, discussing the role of science and technology parks in supporting entrepreneurial community and attracting speakers and participants from all around the globe.

    Baltic Dynamics aims at promotion innovativeness among policy makers, business, science, education and society. Lectures will focus on: Public entrepreneurial support, the role of entrepreneurship in innovation system, the role of Non- Governmental Organizations in Technology Development, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, From Research to Market - International Cooperation, and Open Innovation.

    We are pleased to announce, that all LSB 2012 participants can now also register to attend Baltic Dynamics lectures for free, just as Baltic Dynamics participants are invited to participate, also free of charge, in all the LSB 2012 conference lectures on September 12th, and register for individual B2B meetings and FP7 sessions.

    Register for Baltic Dynamics here.
    Find out more about Baltic Dynamics here.