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  • 2012 06 27

    Watch Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Ada Yonath explain the importance of her discovery

    Prof. Ada Yonath dedicated most of her scientific career to unravelling the minute functions of the ribosome, a multi-component cellular nano-machine, as the cell’s “protein factory”, translating the genetic code into proteins.
    For almost a decade her ribosome crystallography laboratory, established in 1970 in Israel, was the only one of its kind in the country, and by many her work was met with scepticism and disbelief.
    Ada made a breakthrough in 2000 when she revealed the spatial structure of two of the ribosome’s subunits, paving the way for the development of highly advanced drugs. "Those who laughed at me became my competitors" she says now.
    Watch her here.

  • 2012 06 19

    NEW at LSB 2012– a special program for Life Sciences startups in the Baltics!

    If you are a startup or are considering starting a business in the Baltics’ life science industry, and seek an opportunity to gain valuable advice from the sector’s top players, as well as critically evaluate your new business ideas in real world terms, apply for the special LSB 2012 Startup Program.
    Not only will you receive a 3-day free-pass to all the forum events – International Conference, Partnership Event, Exhibition, and Company visits, not to mention the many other exclusive benefits – but will enhance your presentation skills and better prepare for pitching your ideas to investors at the forum and beyond. The best startup will be awarded a Boot camp in Boston and Akron.
    Apply here before June 29th.

  • 2012 06 18

    LSB2012 presented at the Inspiration Conference “Bioeconomy in the Baltics” in Tallinn

    The Life Sciences Baltics 2012 Conference promotion tour continues. On Friday last week, June 15, it was introduced to 50 key bio-economy players from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden at the Inspiration Conference “Bioeconomy in the Baltics” in Tallinn, Estonia.

    Earlier, in April and May, the international forum was presented at the ILSI Biomed (Israel), BioForum (Check Republic), and in meetings of Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian sector leaders.

  • 2012 06 13

    Last chance to buy your LSB 2012 Conference ticket at a >30% lower price!

    The EARLY BIRD RATE OFFER ends tomorrow at midnight (EEST). Register now and save.

  • 2012 06 13

    Life science industry players are taking active interest in the international LSB2012 Partnership Event

    Numerous organizations from Israel, Switzerland, Germany, the Baltic States, and other countries have already registered for the LSB2012 Partnership event and are eager for more organizations to join, looking forward to the unique opportunity to establish valuable business contacts, share knowledge and ideas, and find potential business partners during pre-scheduled individual B2B meetings and the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) brokerage event. Take full advantage of the first and largest international life sciences forum in the Baltic States by registering now.

  • 2012 06 12

    LSB 2012 was presented at the 5th Convention of Honorary Consuls of Lithuania

    Yesterday, June 11, 2012, over 100 Honorary Consuls, Diplomats, in charge of economic issues in Lithuanian Embassies abroad, Commercial Attachés, and Associated Business Organizations gathered in Vilnius for the 5th Convention of Honorary Consuls of the Republic of Lithuania.

    During the program of the day, dedicated to Lithuanian economy, a presentation on the country’s export and investment was given by Deputy Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania, Mrs. Lina Vaitkevičienė, Director of the Investment Department of Invest in Lithuania, Mr. Audrius Masiulionis, and the Vice-Minister of Economics, Mr. Daumantas Lapinskas.

    During her speech, Mrs. Vaitkevičienė presented the approaching international forum Life Sciences Baltics 2012. Both during the presentation, and at the LSB2012 stand, information about the forum was met with a lot of enthusiasm and received significant attention from the Convention participants.

  • 2012 06 07

    Over 40 international students have registered for The COINS

    Already over 40 students from Finland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and other countries have registered for the international student conference The COINS.
    According to Edgaras Kuodys, Head of Vilnius University Student Representation unit at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and in charge of organizing the international student conference, The COINS is currently engaged in extensive planning of activities that will give every student the opportunity to present his or her research to an international audience in diverse sections. By creating the opportunity for dialogue and collaboration between...

  • 2012 06 04

    Early Bird Rate offer extended to June 14

    It is our pleasure to announce that the special Early Bird rates offer for those registering to the international Life Sciences Baltics 2012 Conference taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 12-14, has now been extended until June 14. Register now, and save over 30%.

  • 2012 06 01

    Aurelijus Katkevičius’ primary goal is to entice people with science

    “As long as Lithuania keeps on investing in intellect and education, it will stay alive and kicking,” comments Aurelijus Katkevičius, the editor-in-chief of “Iliustruotasis mokslas” (Science Illustrated), a magazine aimed at popularizing science in Lithuania, and member of the LSB2012 Marketing Committee.
    “As editor-in-chief, I consider it my life goal to entice people with science, especially youth. And as for Life Sciences Baltics 2012, it is an event that will most smoothly complement the country’s more substantial scientific turn,” he says, referring to Lithuania’s strive to become the life sciences hub of Northern Europe.

  • 2012 05 31

    Organizers, partners and ambassadors of LSB 2012 met to review preparation status

    LSB 2012 organizers and over 40 partners and ambassadors of the event gathered in Vilnius today to discuss the preparation for the international forum and shared their insights and ideas on activities that remain to be carried out. Representatives of Kaleidoscope, the partner company in Tel Aviv, presented the Conference programme in detail during a teleconference call. Paulius Lukauskas, the Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania, thanked everyone for their help in promoting and fostering LSB2012, emphasizing the importance of creating business opportunities and strengthening the life science industry infrastructure in the Baltics.