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  • 2012 08 03

    Hospital of LUHS Kaunas Clinics: Bringing "Firsts" and "Onlys" to Lithuania

    The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS) Kaunas Clinics is the largest healthcare institution in Lithuania. Established in 1940, the Hospital has grown into one of the most prominent hospitals in the country. Hospital of LUHS Kaunas Clinics is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare to patients from all over the country and abroad. Kaunas Clinics employs more than 1200 physicians and 2500 nurses, who provide care according to the standards of evidence-based clinical practice. The hospital has 35 departments devoted to all medical and surgical specialties, including cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery and organ transplant surgery. In 2011, the annual number of outpatient consultations increased significantly, exceeding 1.1 million visits and 93 thousand hospital admissions.

  • 2012 08 02

    Kaunas Clinics Cardiac Surgery Centre: A Cradle for Significant Inventions

    The Kaunas Clinics cardiac surgery centre was established in 1957 and has been a cradle for many significant inventions ever since. Original therapeutic techniques, such as electric cardiac stimulation, cryo- and laser ablation of arrhythmogenic lesions, were introduced here for the treatment of serious heart rhythm disorders.
    LSB 2012 participants registered for a company visit to Kaunas Clinics will have the possibility to become better acquainted with its facilities, medical services, and hi-tech equipment live.
    The Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery has been restructured to include four... 

  • 2012 08 01

    LSB 2012 Participants Will Be Able To Peek Into the Neurosurgery Operating Room

    Brain tumours are one of the most dangerous forms of cancer posing threat to human life. Therefore neuro-oncology is one of the principal directions of work at the Neuroscience Institute of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS). The Laboratory of Neuro-oncology and Genetics has state-of-the-art medical diagnostics equipment that significantly contributes to the University’s scientists’ research of the causes of oncological diseases of the central nervous system, and helps determine gene lesions that cause tumours.

  • 2012 07 26

    LSB2012 Startup Programme Making Headway with New Start-ups, Mentors and Investors Joining in Every Week

    Among newly confirmed investors are companies like Orbimed, the world’s largest healthcare investment firm with over $5 billion in assets, and Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences, a specialized investment house serving clients across all sectors of healthcare, including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare information technology, and the Corporate Finance arm of Cukierman & Co. Investment House.
    The start-ups Vittamed...

  • 2012 07 17

    Partnership Event Now Extended by One Day

    We are happy to announce that in order to better meet the needs of LSB 2012 participants the Partnership Event has now been prolonged by one additional day due to the high numbers of industry players registering for pre-scheduled individual B2B meetings and FP7 brokerage event. The Partnership Event will now take place on September 12 and 13 and has about 60 registered attendees to this day. The Forum alltogether has about 250 participants.

  • 2012 07 17

    Richard Bergstrom, Director General of The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Is Joining The LSB 2012 Conference

    A pharmacist by training, Richard Bergstrom began his career at the Swedish Medical Products Agency and subsequently held senior regulatory affairs positions at Roche and Novartis.
    For numerous years prior to becoming Director General in 2011, he was member of the EFPIA Board, and chairs its Trust Committee and Task Force on Health Technology Assessment. He is also a Council member of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA).
    It is an honour to have him present at LSB 2012, where he will lead the plenary session Ecosystems for investments and innovation - what have we learnt.

  • 2012 07 17

    Over 70 Israeli Life Science Industry Players Have Registered To Attend LSB 2012

    CEOs and venture capitalists representing the Israeli life science industry are taking great interest in finding new business opportunities and partners in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Among those registered to attend the international forum in Vilnius, are prominent names like Michael Schickler, CEO at CureTech Ltd;  Alexandra V. Eberhard, Partner, Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences; Shlomo Noy...

  • 2012 07 16

    LSB 2012 Presented at The Meeting of World Lithuanian Youth

    The meeting was the first and largest in scale of its kind in the history of independent Lithuania, and consisted of keynote speakers, discussions, career and contact fairs, workshops, and other activities covering various business, politics, science, and culture topics. Participants had the exclusive opportunity to network with well-known Lithuanian politicians, businessmen, artists, and academics, and to present themselves at the career and contact fairs.
    Life Sciences Baltics 2012 was presented to event attendees, who demonstrated great enthusiasm and curiosity regarding the international forum.

  • 2012 07 05

    Lithuania offers a highly favorable environment for clinical trials

    From oncology to nephrology, a broad spectrum of clinical trials is carried out in Lithuania. In terms of patient recruitment, infrastructure, qualified personnel, and compliance with EU requirements, the country offers a highly favorable research environment. According to the State Medicines Control Agency (SMCA), there are currently 447 ongoing clinical trials in Lithuania.

    Download more detailed information here.

  • 2012 07 03

    Already 142 participants registered to attend Life Sciences Baltics 2012

    The list of LSB 2012 attendees is getting longer by the day. Among the 142 registered so far to attend the Conference, Exhibition, Partnership event, and other Forum activities, are representatives of some of the largest players on the international life science arena: MSD, TEVA, Thermo Fisher Scientific, MOOG, Genzyme, Parexel International, Grindeks, Novartis Pharma, Ekspla, Astra Zeneca, Buyer, and ORBIMED, as well as major institutes, clinics, universities, and R&D centres operating in the field in the Baltics‘and abroad.