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Juris Bundulis_Grindeks

Juris Bundulis, PhD

12:00|Session 8 (Stage 2)

Presentation of Baltic Companies

Born in 1953, Juris Bundulis has obtained the Doctoral degree in Biological Sciences in the University of Latvia; he has also graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Latvia. Since January 2012 he is Chairman of the Board at JSC “Grindeks”, a pharmaceutical company that engages in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of original pharmaceutical products, generics, and active ingredients.

“Grindeks” is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltic states. The origins of “Grindeks” go back to 1946 when the Vitamin and Hormones Plant was transferred to the supervision of the Latvian Academy of Sciences with the goal of gradually re-establishing it as an experimental plant. Today experimental plant has grown considerably and is forming into the pharmaceutical company of European significance with the potential of growth. Products of the company are exported to 50 countries; export comprises 95% of the total turnover. The main markets are the Baltic States, Russia and other CIS countries, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and the U.S.
Prior to obtaining his current position, Mr. Bundulis was the Deputy State Secretary of the Health Ministry of Latvia, working with health politics issues. Before that Juris Bundulis worked at “Grindeks” as the Marketing and Sales director and the Scientific Research and Development director.
Juris Bundulis' professional interests include complex pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, the particularities of research projects, and business in general.