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Peeter Ross

Dr. Peeter Ross

14:00|Session 1 (Stage 1)

Estonian Nation-Wide Health Information Exchange Platform – A New Perspective For Bio-Medical Research

Peeter Ross is an e-health expert at Estonian eHealth Foundation and a Radiologist at East Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia.

Dr. Peeter Ross is former president of the Estonian Society of Radiology (2005-2011). He previously worked as Director of R&D and Head of the Diagnostics Clinic in East Tallinn Central Hospital and was member of the supervisory board of the Estonian eHealth Foundation and Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Peeter Ross studied medicine in Tartu University, Estonia, and in Helsinki University, Finland 1985-91. Dr. Ross completed his residency in radiology in Tartu University in 1996. He studied radiology in Oulu University, Finland, and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington DC, USA, and health care management in INSEAD, France. He completed his doctoral studies in Tallinn University of Technology in 2011. The topic of the thesis work was data sharing and shared workflows in medical imaging.

Peeter Ross actively participated in designing and implementing the Estonian nation-wide Electronic Health Record system. He also took part in EU funded eHealth projects InterregPacs, Baltic eHealth, R-Bay, Dreaming, Regional Telemedicine Forum, epSOS, eMedic, SUSTAINS and Momentum.