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Dr. Mindaugas Valius

15:30|Session 5 (Stage 2)


Mindaugas Valius' research interests are focused on eukaryotic cell signalling by applying high throughput proteomics and confocal microscopy.

Dr. Mindaugas Valius' research scope includes elucidation of intracellular mechanisms of cell proliferation by growth factor receptors, effect of various extracellular scaffolds and nanoparticles on cell functioning as well as discovery and evaluation of protein markers for cancer therapy.

He has coordinated and participated in a few EU and State of Lithuania funded grants that have led to the establishment of a cutting-edge proteomics and confocal microscopy facility in the Proteomics Centre of Vilnius University Institute of Biochemistry, which he currently heads. 

Dr. Valius has a PhD in Biochemistry which he received at Vilnius University, and is the author of 15 highly cited scientific papers.