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Dr. (HP) Aurelija Žvirblienė

13:30|Session 2 (Stage 2)

Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

Dr. (HP) Aurelija Zvirbliene is chief scientist, head of the Dept. of Immunology and Cell Biology of the Institute of Biotechnology of Vilnius University, part-time professor at the Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Vilnius University.

Currently Dr. Zvirbliene's research focus is on the immunogenicity studies of recombinant virus-like particles (VLPs) designed for vaccine development and immunodiagnostics. Her research team also works on the development and characterization of new monoclonal and recombinant antibodies against viral and bacterial antigens.

Dr.Zvirbliene is co-author of more than 30 publications in international peer-rewieved journals, and of several patents and patent applications in the field of immunology and biotechnology. In 2008-2009, she was awarded the State research fellowship of the highest degree.

Dr.Zvirbliene is Chair of the PhD committee in Chemistry Engineering of Vilnius University. She is member of the Institute of Biotechnnology Council, the Lithuanian Biochemical Society Council, the Lithuanian Society for Immunology, and of the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association.

She got he BS in Biochemistry in 1982, Vilnius University. She was awarded her PhD degree from the Institute of Molecular Biology (Moscow, Russia) in 1988, and then joined the Laboratory of Immunology at the Institute of Biotechnology in Vilnius. Since 2003, she teaches Immunology at Vilnius University.