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Algimantas Markauskas

Algimantas Markauskas

11:00|Session 8 (Stage 2)

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Algimantas Markauskas is co-author of 2 international patents, and was named one the five best CEOs in Lithuania in 2011 by the national business newspaper Verslo Žinios.

Algimantas Markauskas holds the position of Vilnius Site Leader at Thermo Fisher Scientific Lithuania Holding since 2010.

Priorly he spent a significant number of years working at Fermentas: as Head of Kits Production Laboratory in 1994-1997; Director of Science and Production 1997-2002; Director of Science and Development 2002-2003;  Director of Business Development 2003-2007; Vice-president for Development of Fermentas International Inc. Chairman of the board of Fermentas China 2003-2010; and was General Director of Fermentas 2008-2010.

Algimantas Markauskas received his Master degree in Chemistry at Vilnius University in 1984. He then worked as Junior Scientist at the Institute of Applied Enzymology (1986-1990), and as Head of the Kits Production Laboratory at the Institute of Biotechnology (as1991-1994).

Algimantas is member of the Board of the Knowledge Economy Forum; Sunrise Valley Supervisory Committee; Investors‘ Forum; and the Biotechnology Council  of the High Technology Development Programme for 2011-2013 .