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Albertas Valavičius

13:30|Session 3 (Stage 3)

Clinical Trials

Albertas Valavičius is Director of PAREXEL, a leading global bio/pharmaceutical services organization that helps clients expedite time-to-market through development and launch services.

Lithuanian in origin, Albertas Valavičius graduated as a surgeon from the Kaunas Medical Institute in 1977. He then practised surgery in various Lithuanian hospitals for several years before starting to work in the Ministry of Health, 1983. During his career there, the Ministry was responsible for the allocation and qualification of medical staff, and for international cooperation.

In 1998, Albertas Valavičius began his activities in clinical research, and joined PAREXEL the same year. As Director of PAREXEL he was responsible for different regions in Europe, including Scandinavia, and Israel. Currently he is responsible for clinical operations in Finland, the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia, as well as the MENA region, Bulgaria, Portugal, Pakistan, and other countries.


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